I was brought up on a small farm in rural Northern Ireland with a small selection of farm animals and as I child I was always drawing on the kitchen table but as I grew older my career choices took me away from my art into a office job for many years before deciding I needed to go back to art.I was very lucky to became a crystal engraver etching human faces, animals and buildings onto large pieces of crystal.However several years later I gave up my career to bring up my three boys.Now in more recent years, I have returned to my passion for artwork and by good fortune I needed a medium that was quick and easy to pack up as I was back to using to kitchen table again but this time in my own house.So all materials had to packed away at meal times.I found out very quickly that pastels were going to be the future for me and I found the demand for pet portraits was so great it wasn't long before I had a small business up and running.

The joy of seeing satisfied customers is such a priviledge which motivates me everyday to become a better artist.